Conferences in 2014: Acceptance and Rejection

Clearly, conference submission is one of the main thrills of academic research.. :-) Our last two review results brought both joy and disappointment: The full paper we’ve submitted to this year’s ICA conference was rejected, which is a pity since we would have loved to travel to Seattle and present the most recent findings of our commparative approach. We are still puzzled over the reasons for the rejection and are waiting for the full reviews to check and improve the paper, since there might be other opportunities or outlets for a revised version.
On the plus side, our extended abstract on comparing the differences in role conceptions between journalists and users at the Tagesschau and a weekly political talk show has been accepted for the DGPuK conference 2014. This is going to be a very interesting opportunity to present our findings to the German(-speaking) community of communication researchers, and we are looking forward to travelling to Passau in May.

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