Submission accepted for „Neo-Journalism“ conference

A couple of days ago we were informed that a submission of ours for the conference „Towards Neo-Journalism? Redefining, Extending or Reconfiguring a Profession“ has been accepted. We’re looking forward to travel to Bruxelles at the beginning of October 2012 and to present first results of our project; an excerpt of our abstract is below. [js]

Journalism and participatory media – Blurring or reinforcement of boundaries between journalism and audiences?


The presentation will focus on both theoretical and empirical findings from an ongoing research project on “(Re-)Discovering the audience”. It relies on an analytical framework derived from sociological inclusion theory which can account both for increasing participatory activities as well as for tendencies or strategies of boundary work and demarcation, thus identifying areas of blurring boundaries or increased stability between journalistic and audience roles. (…) [see the preprint of our paper for more detail on the theoretical background]

Within the project, we apply the theoretical framework by means of a multi-method approach combining qualitative and quantitative instruments. In particular, between 2012 and 2014 we’ll conduct six case studies of different news media in Germany which act within the convergence areas of TV-Online and Print-Online respectively. The presentation will provide results from the first case study conducted: From January to July 2012, inclusion performance and inclusion expectations for the leading German TV news broadcast “Tagesschau” and its online platform “” will be examined. Methodologically, we will perform (and present results of)

(a) in-depth interviews with chief editors and selected members of editorial staff who manage audience activities (target n=6) as well as

(b) in-depth interviews with viewers/users (target n=6);

(c) standardized online surveys among the full editorial department as well as

(d) standardized online surveys among the users of the online platform.

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