The Incredible J-Wall – terms ending with „journalism“

Recently, we decided to create a mind-map in our office, where we collect and visualize the huge amount of terms ending with „journalism“ – we call it: „The Incredible J-Wall“. On this wall, we will collect all terms which describe the changing nature of journalism under the circumstances of Web 2.0, with its participatory features such as blogs, comments, user-driven rankings, and so forth.

We hope that a lot of terms will be added in the next two and a half years. To date, our list contains the following:

  • Citizen Journalism
  • Grassroots Journalism
  • Postjournalism
  • Process Journalism
  • Liquid Journalism
  • Neo-Journalism
  • Participatory Journalism
  • Network(ed) Journalism
  • Augmented Journalism (Manifesto for AJ)
  • Borderline Journalism
  • Inclusive Journalism
  • Computional Journalism
  • Algorithmic Journalism

If you have suggestions which „journalisms“ are missing, feel free to comment this post.


Short update:
„The Incredible J-Wall“ exploded in the last weeks. Now, it looks like this:

Incredible J-Wall Part II

Update #3 (25/09/12):
Since the wall is growing and growing – thanks again to our committed commentators – we want to share the current state of this little creative experiment with our blog readers. Right now a student assistant is putting together a list of the journalisms, with definitions and references. So stay tuned till the next update. (by the way: Willem just added „Gonzo-Journalism“ *lol*). Due to technical problems, we’re linking to our Twitter account:


19 Comments to “The Incredible J-Wall – terms ending with „journalism“”

  1. „First Person Journalism“ (J. Pavlik)

  2. Gonzo-Journalism

  3. hihi – „wir sind die Roboter … di didi di“

  4. habe einen neuen Favoriten: Drohnen-Journalismus: (mit Video!)

  5. Wir brauchen ne größere Wand…

  6. Mobile Citizen Journalism

  7. Hobby Journalism (Hobby-Reporter)

  8. Embedded Journalism

  9. Yellow Journalism, Advocacy Journalism

  10. Investigative Journalism

  11. (Open-)Data-Journalism:

  12. Wiki-Journalism:

    Grüße nach Hamburg!

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