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September 20th, 2013

Presentation on Inclusion Distance at #foj2103

Last week, Wiebke and Jan had the pleasure to participate in the biennial „Future of Journalism 2013“ conference in Cardiff, UK. The organizers did a great job bringing together around 100 international scholars on journalism and digital media, to discuss recent research and avenues for future collaborations. Various sessions were liveblogged, and you can also see some of the resonance from participants via the #foj13 hashtag.

On Friday morning, we presented new findings from our project, focussing on the concept of inclusion distance and the different comparative logics our research design affords. Below you find the presentation; since we have not yet received any news on whether we are among the papers to be selected for a journal special issue, we do not put the paper online at the moment. However, we are happy to share it if you contact us directly, and we will let you know as soon as it is publicly available.


September 11th, 2013

JPub20 News: Article in „Journalism Studies“

It has been a while since we posted some news about the progress within the research project. However, the last weeks – and the current one in particular – have been very busy ones for the JPub20 team.

For one, we are very happy to announce that our article „Including the Audience: Comparing the attitudes and expectations of journalists and users towards participation in German TV news journalism“ has been published by Journalism Studies and is now available online. Fifty e-prints are available via this link – first come, first serve.. :-)

The audience has always been an important reference for journalism although, under mass media conditions, it remained an ‘‘operative fiction’’ for its practitioners, reflecting a clear distinction between sender and recipients. Recent shifts in mediated communication towards networked public spheres and the increasing implementation of participatory features force media organizations, journalists and scholars alike to rethink the journalism-audience relationship. We introduce the concept of audience inclusion in journalism, to provide an analytical framework to investigate the relationship between journalists and (their) audience. The article presents the results of a multi-method case study of the German television newscast ‘‘Tagesschau’’ and its online platform, and compares the attitudes of journalists and audience members towards the role of journalists, the relevance of participatory functions, the motivations for participation, and their general assessment of audience participation. By and large we find congruence between journalists’ and users’ expectations towards audience participation in news journalism. However, there is notable disagreement regarding the (assumed) motivations of users for participating at ‘‘Tagesschau’’.

At the moment, our team members Wiebke and Jan are at the prestigious bienal conference „Future of Journalism“ (September 11-13, Cardiff) to present a follow-up paper on how to measure the inclusion distance between journalism and audience; the presentation will be put online in the next days.